Confederate Pictures Reenactment Films

             by George Roland Wills


The Confederate Pictures Reenactment Films were recorded from 2004 to 2007, with at least one event filmed in 2008 (145th Chancellorsville)  and one in 2009 (145th Buchanan, Virginia). The Buchanan footage has yet to be released. Scenes from the Appomattox NPS Stacking of the Arms ceremony were also filmed in April of 2009.  

Confederate Pictures has filmed a number of excellent events over the years it was actually on the circuit.  All of these Confederate Pictures Years titles will be available from  The ones currently available are found here: - Click Here for Movies & TV - George Roland Wills

The events shown above include the two 145th Antietam Events, September Storm and the Official 145th Event, The Battle of Antietam. We were the sanctioned videographers at this event, and we were allowed to film September Storm, as well.  The 145th Chancellorsvilleboth videos available from at these green links, is also the official event for that anniversary, and my friend Bill Raymond held both of these on his massive farm in Loudoun Heights.  We also filmed three Stanardsville events, the 2005, 2006, and 2007. Pictured are Highlights from Stanardsville 2006 and Stanardsville 2007 - Flashes of Inspiration. They are available at these green links, as is the original Southern Thunder Video. The Southern Thunder Video was also very popular, as well... Nothing but fight footage! No music, no interviews, no history lessons!



The three top videos were filmed at the October 2005, 2006, and 2007 events at Cedar Creek; Victory at Cedar Creek, Highlights from Second Cedar Creek, and the 143rd Anniversary, Sheridan's Raid on Middletown, Virginia.  

This last film is still available from George Roland Wills, and was filmed from where the event coordinators asked us to film it. 

This last film will be combined with the best scenes from the first two and edited and re-released as SHERIDAN'S RAID ON MIDDLETOWN, VIRGINIA - THE CONFEDERATE PICTURES YEARS in 2010.  

DOWN THE VALLEY and FIRST MANASSAS AT CEDAR CREEK were the 145th events for Summer  2007 Winchester and the earlier Summer 2006 First Manassas anniversaries, respectively. Both were held at Cedar Creek. 

The FIRST MANASSAS video will receive a complete overhaul on the computer, with the addition of never-before-seen footages. See the Confederate Pictures Years page for the DVD cover art and to order it when it comes out. 

DOWN THE VALLEY has already been released to It will be available at this link very soon. Order it from their site by clicking the green link.

Hunter's Raid at Lexington 2005 was held ONCE, in 2005, and never again... but it was a great event, with 200 horses on hand! 

 Living Liberty, or Hunter's Retreat from Liberty, was an event which ran for five years in Bedford, Virginia. Confederate Pictures filmed all five years of this event, and released films for 2004, 2005, and the War Between the Streets compilation thereafter, which included 2006, and 2007. The 2008 footage has not been released yet. It will be included in THE WAR BETWEEN THE STREETS - THE CONFEDERATE PICTURES YEARS in 2010. 

Union Field Hospital at Bedford Virginia, filmed at one of the Bedford events, is available soon from

The 140th Appomattox in 2005 was a one time event that has not been repeated, and will not likely ever be repeated. The original DVD is three hours long, and we were the sanctioned videographers for the event. It was Confederate Pictures very first event. One of the prized moments is a quick interview with General Jim Maupin. 

Locust Grove is one of the best end-of-the-season small events one can attend. General Lee at Locust Grove 2007 is available soon from Our General Lee (Dave Palmer) is Lee at this event each year, and the Peninsula Artillery is a great bunch of people to know! Go to this event in Walkerton, Virginia, and I bet you go back every year! We filmed 2006 and 2007 before we came off the circuit. (Click on the highlighted name for link).

Incident at Johnson Farm is an NPS living history done on the Peaks of Otter, and was filmed in 2004. Both days were filmed and mingled into one movie about a fictitious raid upon a farmhouse during the Civil War. It is an extremely action-packed video. It is now available on 

by clicking the green link.

The 2011 Remake and Director's Release is now available here:


We were the official videographers for the Dixie Days Event in Mechanicsville in 2005, as well as in Toronto, Canada for the Confederate Canada - Toronto Reenactment 2006 at Country Heritage Park in 2006 (where the actual 4th Michigan was on hand to capture President Jefferson Davis for THE GREAT SACRIFICE OF PRESIDENT JEFFERSON DAVIS (2007) (Click Blue Link). 

We were also invited to the The Canadian Dedication at Hollywood Cemetery. This was a ceremony which these same Canadians held at Hollywood Cemetery, replacing some grave stones that they paid to have made. 

 This film, A Confederate Virginian tours Gettysburg, is the actual National Park Service tour of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Ranger Ed Guy gives us a fascinating tour of the monuments in a program where rangers drive your car around to the various sites and battlefield locations.  An excellent introduction to what you would find if you visit Gettysburg...This


This is a wonderful event held every year in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia... just over the Virginia line. The Battle of Dry Creek, West Virginia. They even have a live firing and a night firing of the cannons!

 This event, Gettysburg 2006 - Some Memories, is the Event that Almost Wasn't, due to the rainout! However, we did go, and get some great footage, and an interview with James Longstreet's actual great-grandson!

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