What Really Happened...


It would seem that the true facts of the American Civil War are not of a great interest to the official historians.  They have their official account of the war, and its causes, and any changes to these events or to their personal beliefs are simply not welcome.  Indeed, the History Channel is in complete lock-step with these practices, which is why you get very little history there, any more, and many new shows about Northern-based people doing non-historical things such as PAWN STARS, AX MEN,  ICE ROAD TRUCKERS, and TOUGHER IN ALASKA.  These shows should be where they belong; somewhere else.  

The reason for this collective and official move to ignore many facts about American history is that these facts tend to change the perceptions about what actually happened during these events. Certain players from that time have been glorified, and others demonized beyond redemption. To question the official attitudes on these subjects is to call into question the original scholarship, and reasoning.  The official version, then, will never be officially questioned.  This, despite the fact that one rock-solid version of events no longer can rightly be called American history, but must be catalogued where it actually exists; within the realm of propaganda.

Confederate Pictures has decided to use this great collection of information which has been available since the formation of the original United States, and bring it forward to the general public in a series of videos. 

In the What Really Happened... series, we shall take factual documents from the United States government's official records, and other findings, and show these in a series of videos designed to make the public aware of the real events of history, without regard to any modern day political parties who may be offended in this telling of these true events. We will merely present the findings. The viewer is invited to draw his own conclusions from the findings as they are presented.

 Filmed on Location in the Charleston Harbor... To order this video, click here: What Really Happened at Fort Sumter.


"Fort Sumter was the first encounter between what we thought our country to be, and what it was actually becoming... "  - George Roland Wills 

The Proposal: The Video that we will one

day make... 

Our next video in the What Really Happened series is the video What Really Happened to John Wilkes Booth.  In this video, you will come to learn that John Wilkes Booth, living as John Byron Wilkes (one of his known aliases) actually died in India in 1883, and left much of his estate to John Wilkes Booth's actual daughter (his daughter), who at the time, was living under another name as a stage actress.  (It is curious to note that, in 1883, the year of John Byron Wilkes' death, she changed her last name back to Booth!) 

We have an actual copy of the last will and testament of John Byron Wilkes, and a photograph of John Wilkes Booth (alias John Byron Wilkes) dated 1873! 

As a pencil portraiture artist in the extreme realism style, I can tell you that the facial points and likeness are exact! The school site is located below, to show the detail we use in our form of portraiture.



Dr. Ray A. Neff passed away while we were negotiating on the video version of his book, DARK UNION. We will not be able to put out that video, as we had planned to do, because he was going to be allowed the final review of that film before its release... and we will, even now, honor that contingency...

However, the alternate video
What Really Happened to John Wilkes Booth will be released at some point, in the future. We were asked specifically to hold up this production for awhile by Dr. Vancil of the Cunningham Library Special Collections Department at Indiana State University, who controls the Neff-Potter artifact collection.


The first thing that strikes you odd is the fact that there is so much more factual information in this account than in the standard story of what really happened...

The information in this film will cause you to look at what the History Channel claims happened... with incredulous disbelief... 

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