The best air fresheners for the car

Cundulating is an experience to enjoy with all five senses. And although it is overlooked from time to time, that of smell is one of them. It is much more pleasant to get in the car when it smells good than when use leaves its own mark in the form of a not quite pleasant smell. And when does that happen? Well, it depends on the cars, the users and the life we ​​give to our car.

As a general rule, if the "smells like new" thing we haven't heard from any of our passengers in a long time, it will not be long before the humidity, the dog or an unfortunate purchase that happened to a better life in our boot leave your own bad smell stamp in the car.

However, even at that moment all is not lost. Fortunately, the world of best car air freshener has developed and grown like foam in recent decades, and now we can find hundreds of fragrances on the market, in as many different devices, with which to make our car a true temple of good odor. You just need to choose the most suitable one.


For those who want to play it safe with a fragrance with personality that leaves its own mark, Rituals is a good option. It offers three different options to choose from: eucalyptus and rosemary, cherry blossoms, and for the more daring, eucalyptus and patchouli.

It comes in a wooden container that is attached to the air outlet, and activating the ventilation system releases the perfume.

Air wick

Another option that does not usually fail is the firm Air Wick, which was born precisely to put good smells in our private spaces, and the car is one of them. The objective of this air freshener is to eliminate the bad smell but without masking it, and it achieves this with a carbon filter that traps the bad smell particles while essential oils release a fragrance so that the car smells clean and fresh. So it looks like we just spent hours cleaning it.

Your own air freshener

One of the problems with car air fresheners is that not everyone is convinced by their smells. For some they are too strong, for others too cloying, there are also those who cannot find the fragrance that suits their taste ...

To solve this problem, there is the option of the air freshener that you make yourself, and here is the explanation of how to do it: you only need 96º alcohol and your favorite essence, in addition to the container you prefer (small bottle to hang, scent bags ... )

On websites such as Gran Velada you can choose and buy the essence - they have more than 300 - and also the container. It only remains to make the mixture while maintaining the proportions - 70% alcohol and 30% essence -. If you want to lower it, just add a part of alcohol and another part of demineralized water.

The pine-shaped air freshener

It is a classic that may seem old-fashioned to many, but it also still has a good legion of followers. We are talking about that pine-shaped air freshener that everyone, especially those of us who are already a certain age, have seen hanging in the mirror of a car.

It was invented by a chemist of German origin named Julius Sämann who lived in New York State. The proximity of his residence to the Canadian border led him to visit the neighboring country on many occasions to study the fragrances released by the trees. His idea was to extract the oils with the essences and incorporate them into small sheets that gave off that same aroma, and that is how he ended up creating the air freshener that reminded of the smell of Canadian pines.

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